Lifer #575

On Sunday, a grey and windy day, I drove up to the Illinois Beach State Park Hawk Watch. I wanted to visit with some friends there, but I have to admit there was another draw – a female Mountain Bluebird had been seen around the pavilion fairly regularly since November 9th.

When I pulled up I started fiddling with my binoculars and camera. I was still fumbling with my stuff as I started walking up to the pavilion – only to be greeted by Paul Sweet and Karen Lund, cameras in hand, pointing them in my general direction. Apparently the Mountain Bluebird arrived about the same time I did. I dropped everything to watch this lovely lost lady and snap some pictures. Life bird #575!

IBSP Mountain Bluebird

IBSP Mountain Bluebird

IBSP Mountain Bluebird

IBSP Mountain Bluebird

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3 Responses to Lifer #575

  1. Awesome timing! I too was drawn for the same reason and saw Karen and Paul Sunday at hawk watch, in addition to this little beauty at the end of the day. LOVE your pictures and life sighting! Congrats 🙂

  2. Congrats! State bird of my home state of Idaho!

  3. Andy says:

    Congrats on Life bird #575!

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