Malta Ignores EU, Allows Hunting

Since joining the EU in 2004 Malta has allowed the hunting of Turtle Doves and Quails, against the European Birds Directive. Hunting during the Spring migration is prohibited by the EU.

The European Commission began legal action against Malta in June 2006, with the case expected before court later this year. Malta’s hunting season is scheduled to end on May 20th. BirdLife in Malta reported illegal hunting outside the official season earlier this year.

Read more about Malta’s breach of EU law and the effect on migratory birds.

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One Response to Malta Ignores EU, Allows Hunting

  1. menace says:

    It is incomprehensible to me why the Maltese government should allow this
    slaughter. There is a growing movement of conservation on all animal life now.
    The E.U. should fine them and perhaps they will realise this situation cannot go on.
    It must be far better to watch the birds,after all I do not suppose the eat them all.If they raised pheasant’s

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