My visitors came from *where* in April?!

Here are some of the more interesting search terms that brought visitors to this site during April. You can see previous editions of this monthly post here.

By virtue of the address, this site ranks high for several search terms containing the words Magnificent Frigatebird or variations thereof. Last month visitors searched for frigate bird myth, picture of frigate ninove, why frigate bird migrations map, predators of magnifecent frigate bird and is the frigate bird extinct. For the record on that last one, no, it’s not.

The only new addition to the poop-term list for April is poop for lunch foto.

Interesting typos included bird art eshibit, hundreds of wolfs, new mexico pitchers of the state bird, modern mesuring tape, and stop red squirrles from getting into suet cage,

Someone searched for pigeon rice explode video which I am sure I don’t have anywhere on the site. In fact, the whole pigeons-exploding-from-eating-rice story is a myth.

T-shirt design ideas came in the form of searches for quiet shirts (as opposed to…?), rat pigeon skyline t-shirt, and extinct endangered threatened shirt.

I don’t want to know what the person searching for spoonbill recipes was really looking for.

Someone also searched for how to feed juncos, which I find kind of funny as juncos are the most abundant birds at our feeders during the winter, and they don’t seem too picky.

My favorite search term for April was can kids join the fbi. I can’t find the landing page on this site any more, but this page is probably a good start.

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