My visitors came from *where* in February?!

I had some fun with January’s recap of strange searches that brought up, so I thought I’d keep track again in February. Here are some of the more interesting search terms visitors used to find their way to this site last month.

  • are grackles legal to shoot in texas Gosh, I hope not! A couple of years ago we received a custom request to design a Great-tailed Grackle over at Birdorable. The request came from a fan of the birds who happened to live in Texas. She said the birds were persecuted there as pests so we made this design for Grackle supporters: Support Your Local Grackle.
  • rare bird born again blog They were probably searching for the blog of this band, but Born Again Birdwatcher’s blog is what first came to my mind.
  • postal service glassware Perfect for your next mail-themed dinner party.
  • dog looking through a scope Maybe they were looking for this?
  • buy kiwi bird pet us Please, don’t do this.
  • greeting card with spoon To wish you a very happy Spoon Day.
  • penguins in the netherlands Only at the zoos, methinks.
  • watermelon bird feeder Ooh, which birds like to eat watermelon?
  • ivory bib woodpecker So close.
  • pecker long & slut poster No comment.
  • Share the birds, share the love!
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