My visitors came from *where* in June 2011?!?!?

Despite low content output, mostly because of our June move from Illinois to Florida, visitors continued to hit this blog during the month. Unfortunately, I was unable to capture visitor stats every day.

Anyway, here are some of the more interesting search terms that brought visitors to this site during June 2011. This is part of an ongoing monthly series on blog search terms.

Apparel design inspiration? Visitors searched for: you might be a birder if tee shirt; best t shirt store ever with owl t shirt; and the overly-complicated “my hobby” -buy -store -shop -site:gov -site:edu -blog -article -wiki -directory -pre.

People were looking for birds in the right places, and in all the wrong places: magnificent frigatebird gambia; florida vultures; red shouldered hawk florida; only scottish endemic bird; are there tufted titmice in lake county, il?; are there orioles in illinois; tufted titmouses country; picture of north american ostrich; and pelikan escapes in amsterdam.

I’ve only got a few bird banding posts, and very little experience, so I was amused to find these banding-related searches: Brood patch codes and chord length of Frigate bird.

Most disturbing search of the month goes to putting anklets on my new hawk. Who searches for that? People, please don’t hold any wildlife captive without proper permits and training. Yikes!

Finally, though I only wrote two posts about them (here and here), I was pleased to find lots of traffic related to the Mooseheart Bald Eaglets, including those searching for information on fundraising. In case you missed it, online donations to help care for the eaglets and build their flight cage can be made directly to FCWR here: donate online.

Share the birds, share the love!
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