My visitors came from *where* in March 2011?!?!?

Here are some of the more interesting search terms that brought visitors to this site during March 2011. This is part of an ongoing monthly series on blog search terms.

There seemed to be a greater-than-usual assortment of searches related to Magnificent Frigatebirds. In case the searchers didn’t find what they were looking for, here are the searches and the probable answers they were seeking.

Whats the red thing hanging from the frigate bird? Male Magnificent Frigatebirds have a bright red inflatable gular sac. This is used as part of the courtship ritual.

What humans have done to magnificent frigatebird? Like many bird species, the population of Magnificent Frigatebirds has been negatively affected by humans. Various colonies have been devastated by development and by predation and habitat destruction by non-native species introduced by humans.

Scientific name for magnificent frigate birds? Fregata magnificens

How frigate bird are born? Not sure what this searcher was after; no birds are born. Birds are hatched. Magnificent Frigatebirds lay one egg per breeding season. The egg is incubated by both parents for a period of about 56 days. Both parents care for, brood and feed the growing chick.

Long distance migration frigatebird? Unfortunately, little is known about the movements of Magnificent Frigatebirds outside of breeding season. The birds generally are thought to disperse rather than migrate.

Magnificent frigatebird song? Magnificent Frigatebirds are generally silent. Chicks do have a food-begging call, and adults will call when coming in to land. They don’t really have a song.

Besides these Magnificent Frigatebird inquiries, there was a small selection of mildly amusing typos and spelling goofs: storaks in alsace region of france; berds trading in nethrland; and a variation on an old classic: funny pics of squrls.

Most disturbing searches for March: cormorant abuse; foto van pigeons how to poop on cars; testosterone from america; and why do stunned birds lie on the ground for hours (Hours? Really? Call a rehabber! Come on!).

And finally, the March search term voted most likely to inspire a t-shirt design: falcon candy. 🙂

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