My visitors came from *where* in March 2013?!?!

A quick little post for last month’s update! March was busy and April is going to be even more so!

To the person who searched for just hatched baby kingfisher: I hope you checked Flickr? Belted Kingfishers nest in burrows so I imagine spotting chicks isn’t too easy.

To the person who searched for are long eared owls seen in chicago: I’m sure you learned the answer is YES!

To the people who searched for yellow headed vulture pet and eurasian vulture pet: NO.

To the people who searched for audubon park deltona and audibon park lush rd deltona: If you have been birding at the park, I would love to hear from you!!

To the person who searched for is a peregrine warm or cold blooded: Seriously?

To the people searching for creative commons cat catching bird and cat with dead bird: I hope you found the Keep Cats Indoors Flickr Group and/or the Cats Outdoors “what i really do” shareable graphic (shown below). (Side note: I was happy to see this image shared on Facebook quite a bit lately, possibly in reaction to the whole Ted Williams/Audubon thing).

Cats Outdoors (original)

Share the birds, share the love!
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