New to the yard list

We’re up to 12 birds on the yard list. I’ve seen American Robins playing in the yard for the last week or so. They mostly hang around the fences – I don’t see them scurrying on the grass too often.

American Robin

I was really surprised to see a Downy Woodpecker in the tree behind the yard the other day. He had a look at our suet feeder but didn’t stay on it. He did, however, go to town pecking at the tree. Check out the video below.

Downy Woodpecker

I almost had a heart attack when I looked out the window last week to see three American Goldfinches on the nyger sock. That sock has been out there – untouched! – since we moved in. They stayed on the sock for about 10 minutes before taking off.

Goldfinches on Nyger Sock

Any guesses what lucky #13 will be?

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