Random Ottawa NWR

Here are some pictures from our time at Ottawa NWR during The Biggest Week in American Birding. Click on any picture to embiggen.

A boardwalk path close to the visitor center.

Black-crowned Night-Heron
We saw three Black-crowned Night-Herons during a walk at Ottawa.

Bird Walk Sign
Organized walks started at the visitor center each day during the festival.

There were goslings all over the place.

Great Egrets
And there were tons of Great Egrets working the water on the way into the reserve.

Some swampy paths were very wet.

Photo Blind
There was a photo blind close to the visitor center.

Trumpeter Swan
The Trumpeter Swans we saw had discolored necks from feeding.

Great Horned Owlet
We were very excited to see a “brancher” Great Horned Owl baby high in a tree.

This Tree Swallow and his mate were working on a nest box by the visitor center boardwalk.

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