Last Wednesday, we drove up to Appleton in Wisconsin to purchase a used spotting scope from a member of the Wisconsin Birding Network (wisb). It’s a Leica Televid 77 in great shape.

Leica Spotting Scope

You’ll notice it’s a straight scope rather than angled. I’ve read that birders prefer to have an angled body for several reasons. However, some do prefer the straight body and it comes down to a personal preference. The deal on this used scope seemed pretty great so I decided to give the straight body a try. Before committing to buy the used Leica, we went to an optics shop to look at different scopes and body types. I really liked being able to keep my head straight when looking through the scope so I thought it would be fine to try the straight body Leica.

I also picked up the Manfrotto tripod (a discontinued model) that was for sale with the scope – but it came without the head. I ordered a Manfrotto head online and it arrived today!

Spotting Scope on Tripod

I can’t wait to use it in the field – hopefully we can try it out sometime this week. I’m sure it will take some practice before I am used to carrying it and setting it up on a walk. Until then, I’m getting really nice looks at our back yard juncos, finches and doves. 😉

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