Turkish Weekly gets the story wrong

The story of the cockatoo-for-kids trade down in Louisiana has been making the news rounds this week. It’s been picked up internationally, as in these articles from the UK, Australia and the Netherlands.

It was even picked up in Turkey, but here they got the story a bit mixed up:

The Swiss police arrest three in Lausanne for exchanging two children with an expensive bird.

Dona Greenwell offered two of the three children under her protection to Paul (46) en Brandy (27) Romero who had placed an advertisement asking 1500 dollars for their cockatoo. The 53 years old lorry driver said that she had made the offer because it was very difficult for her to look after three children for someone doing her job.

Who the biologic parents of the three children are still remains unclear. Swiss officials say the inquiry still goes on. The children are given under the protection of a two families in Lausanne.

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