Why Are Britain’s Sparrows Vanishing?

Britain’s great ornithological mystery of recent years, the vanishing of the familiar house sparrow, may finally be solved. A postgraduate researcher in Leicester conducted a study of sparrow chicks and discovered that their food supply in their first few days of life is critical, and the recent scarcity of protein-rich insects in Britain may be contributing to the sparrow’s demise.

Read Michael McCarthy’s story Revealed: why the sparrows are dying out in The Independent.

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One Response to Why Are Britain’s Sparrows Vanishing?

  1. Diana Kordas says:

    Sparrows may be affected by declining insect populations but this is only part of a bigger problem. The real problem is electromagnetic radiation from cellphone towers and Wi-Fi. This is a common factor wherever sparrow populations are declining, even in areas which do not have a problem with regard to insect life. Where I live, on the island of Samos in Greece, sparrow populations in all the towns and villages have nosedived since the introduction of Wi-Fi in all the cafes and central squares. The main square in the town where I live had thousands of sparrows before the introduction of Wi-Fi. and now it has none. Also birds have disappeared near the main cell phone masts above the town, and in other areas that had a lot of sparrows, their populations declined after nearby hotels installed Wi-Fi masts.
    Electromagnetic radiation may also be affecting insect life–butterflies and moths certainly have declined locally in the same period, even though no other factors, including pesticides, can account for this.
    There are many many studies showing that birds are affected by electromagnetic radiation, and two studies of sparrows showed that radiation from cell phone masts affects breeding behaviour, leading to a decline in populations. All of these studies are available on the internet. A good site to start with is http://www.oscillatorium,com –just go to the page on birds.
    I personally have noticed a rapid decline in bird populations since the island upgraded from 3G to 4G and 4G+. With 5G coming soon, I truly fear there will not be a bird left on this planet.

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