2018 Green Birding List

This is a list of birds I saw in 2018 without using motorized support for travel. Previously, I called this list my BIGBY tally. The term BIGBY was first coined to describe a fossil-free big year (BIg Green Big Year). My earlier records are 88 birds in 2011; 115 birds in 2012; 121 birds in 2013; 142 birds in 2014; 141 birds in 2015; 108 birds in 2016; and 133 birds in 2017. I don’t have a particular goal for this year (except for to keep a list). Here we go!

125. House Finch 30-Oct-18 Gemini Springs
124. Northern Flicker 22-Oct-18 home
123. Yellow Warbler 7-Sep-18 Gemini Springs
122. Eastern Kingbird 4-Sep-18 Gemini Springs
121. Brown-headed Cowbird 28-May-18 Hickory Bluff Preserve
120. Northern Rough-winged Swallow 27-May-18 Gemini Springs
119. Least Tern 7-May-18 Gemini Springs
118. Black-crowned Night-Heron 7-May-18 Gemini Springs
117. Blackpoll Warbler 27-Apr-18 Gemini Springs
116. Baltimore Oriole 18-Apr-18 Bill Keller Park
115. Marsh Wren 16-Apr-18 Gemini Springs
114. Spotted Sandpiper 13-Apr-18 Audubon Park
113. Cape May Warbler 11-Apr-18 Gemini Springs
112. Worm-eating Warbler 11-Apr-18 Gemini Springs
111. Black-throated Blue Warbler 11-Apr-18 Gemini Springs
110. Cliff Swallow 11-Apr-18 Gemini Springs
109. Red-headed Woodpecker 6-Apr-18 Dewey Boster Park
108. White-winged Dove 6-Apr-18 Dewey Boster Park
107. European Starling 6-Apr-18 Dewey Boster Park
106. American Redstart 3-Apr-18 Gemini Springs
105. Red-eyed Vireo 2-Apr-18 Thornby Park
104. Purple Martin 30-Mar-18 Quail Lakes Powerline Trails
103. Eastern Towhee 30-Mar-18 Quail Lakes Powerline Trails
102. Florida Scrub-Jay 30-Mar-18 Donald E Smith Blvd
101. Chimney Swift 29-Mar-18 home
100. Wood Duck 28-Mar-18 Gemini Springs
99. Great Crested Flycatcher 28-Mar-18 Gemini Springs
98. Blue-headed Vireo 26-Mar-18 Gemini Springs
97. Painted Bunting 26-Mar-18 Gemini Springs
96. Brown Thrasher 26-Mar-18 Gemini Springs
95. Ovenbird 26-Mar-18 Gemini Springs
94. Northern Harrier 26-Mar-18 Gemini Springs
93. Yellow-throated Vireo 26-Mar-18 Gemini Springs
92. Black-necked Stilt 22-Mar-18 Gemini Springs
91. Barn Swallow 22-Mar-18 Gemini Springs
90. Swallow-tailed Kite 17-Mar-18 Lake Monroe Boat Ramp
89. Forster’s Tern 17-Mar-18 Lake Monroe Boat Ramp
88. American Goldfinch 17-Mar-18 Green Springs
87. Common Ground-Dove 14-Mar-18 Gemini Springs
86. Black-bellied Whistling Duck 13-Mar-18 home
85. Great Horned Owl 13-Mar-18 Gemini Springs
84. Black-and-white Warbler 6-Mar-18 home
83. Indigo Bunting 6-Mar-18 home
82. Green Heron 2-Mar-18 Gemini Springs
81. Mottled Duck 28-Feb-18 Audubon Park
80. House Sparrow 20-Feb-18 Lake Monroe C.A.
79. Savannah Sparrow 20-Feb-18 Lake Monroe C.A.
78. Greater Yellowlegs 20-Feb-18 Lake Monroe C.A.
77. Mallard 20-Feb-18 Lake Monroe C.A.
76. Purple Gallinule 20-Feb-18 Lake Monroe C.A.
75. Tricolored Heron 20-Feb-18 Lake Monroe C.A.
74. Cattle Egret 20-Feb-18 Lake Monroe C.A.
73. Eastern Meadowlark 20-Feb-18 Lake Monroe C.A.
72. Red-tailed Hawk 19-Feb-18 Trout Lake
71. Blue-winged Teal 19-Feb-18 Trout Lake
70. Pine Warbler 19-Feb-18 Lake Gleason Park
69. Laughing Gull 19-Feb-18 Lake Gleason Park
68. Eastern Bluebird 19-Feb-18 Lake Gleason Park
67. Rock Pigeon 16-Feb-18 Lake Monroe Park
66. Cedar Waxwing 12-Feb-18 Gemini Springs
65. American Kestrel 12-Feb-18 Gemini Springs
64. Loggerhead Shrike 12-Feb-18 Gemini Springs
63. Northern Parula 12-Feb-18 Gemini Springs
62. Common Grackle 31-Jan-18 Mariner’s Cove
61. Hooded Merganser 31-Jan-18 Deltona Landings
60. Killdeer 31-Jan-18 Deltona Landings
59. Limpkin 31-Jan-18 Mariner’s Cove
58. Muscovy Duck 31-Jan-18 Deltona Landings
57. Ring-billed Gull 31-Jan-18 Lake Monroe Boat Ramp
56. Chipping Sparrow 30-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
55. American Coot 23-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
54. Bald Eagle 23-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
53. Caspian Tern 23-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
52. House Wren 23-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
51. Prairie Warbler 23-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
50. White-eyed Vireo 23-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
49. Wood Stork 23-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
48. Carolina Chickadee 19-Jan-18 Spring-to-Spring Trail
47. Northern Mockingbird 19-Jan-18 Spring-to-Spring Trail
46. Ruby-throated Hummingbird 19-Jan-18 home
45. American Bittern 16-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
44. Blue Jay 16-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
43. Common Gallinule 16-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
42. Fish Crow 16-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
41. Orange-crowned Warbler 16-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
40. Red-winged Blackbird 16-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
39. Ruby-crowned Kinglet 16-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
38. Swamp Sparrow 16-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
37. Tree Swallow 16-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
36. Sandhill Crane 15-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
35. Yellow-rumped Warbler 14-Jan-18 home
34. Yellow-throated Warbler 3-Jan-18 home
33. Gray Catbird 3-Jan-18 home
32. Tufted Titmouse 2-Jan-18 home
31. Turkey Vulture 2-Jan-18 home
30. Wild Turkey 2-Jan-18 home
29. Boat-tailed Grackle 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
28. Northern Cardinal 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
27. Palm Warbler 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
26. Common Yellowthroat 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
25. American Robin 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
24. Blue-gray Gnatcatcher 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
23. Carolina Wren 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
22. American Crow 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
21. Eastern Phoebe 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
20. Pileated Woodpecker 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
19. Downy Woodpecker 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
18. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
17. Red-bellied Woodpecker 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
16. Belted Kingfisher 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
15. Barred Owl 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
14. Mourning Dove 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
13. Sora 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
12. Red-shouldered Hawk 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
11. Osprey 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
10. Black Vulture 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
9. Glossy Ibis 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
8. White Ibis 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
7. Little Blue Heron 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
6. Snowy Egret 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
5. Great Egret 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
4. Great Blue Heron 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
3. Anhinga 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
2. Double-crested Cormorant 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
1. Pied-billed Grebe 1-Jan-18 Gemini Springs
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