Bird-a-Day Challenge 2019

I’m going to give the Bird-a-Day Challenge a go once more. I’ll try to find and list a new bird for each day of the year for as long as I can. I can’t reuse birds and I can’t go back and make changes. I previously did this in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2017. I’ve got a little advantage, starting out the year in Europe. My previous record is June 4th, which I reached in 2015 (at 154 days, beating my previous record by 10 days). June 4 is the date to beat but I doubt I’ll make it that far, as I’m still a bit out of birding. One month at a time.

16-MAY-19 nothing sad
15-MAY-19 Eastern Towhee Lyonia Preserve
14-MAY-19 Osprey DeBary
13-MAY-19 Carolina Wren home
12-MAY-19 Tufted Titmouse home
11-MAY-19 Killdeer Enterprise
10-MAY-19 Rock Pigeon Lake Monroe Park
09-MAY-19 Blue-gray Gnatcatcher Audubon Center for BOP
08-MAY-19 Turkey Vulture home
07-MAY-19 Red-bellied Woodpecker home
06-MAY-19 Pileated Woodpecker Gemini Springs
05-MAY-19 Eastern Kingbird Fort De Soto
04-MAY-19 Black Tern Fort De Soto
03-MAY-19 Magnificent Frigatebird Fort De Soto
02-MAY-19 Blue Jay Audubon Center for BOP
01-MAY-19 Northern Bobwhite Lyonia Preserve
30-APR-19 Least Sandpiper Gemini Springs
29-APR-19 Florida Scrub-Jay Lyonia Preserve
28-APR-19 Little Blue Heron Disney World
27-APR-19 Least Tern Gemini Springs
26-APR-19 Bobolink Lake Woodruff NWR
25-APR-19 Yellow-billed Cuckoo Mead Garden
24-APR-19 Chimney Swift Bill Keller Park
23-APR-19 Carolina Chickadee DeBary Hall
22-APR-19 American Redstart Gemini Springs
21-APR-19 Cape May Warbler Mariner’s Cove
20-APR-19 Semipalmated Plover Juan Ponce de Leon Landing
19-APR-19 Spotted Sandpiper Lake Monroe Park
18-APR-19 Brown-headed Cowbird Aldi, Sanford
17-APR-19 Sedge Wren Gemini Springs
16-APR-19 Black-necked Stilt Gemini Springs
15-APR-19 Brown-headed Nuthatch Palm Bluff
14-APR-19 Northern Mockingbird Fort Mellon Park, Sanford
13-APR-19 Fulvous Whistling-Duck Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive
12-APR-19 Common Ground-Dove Barwick Rd, DeBary
11-APR-19 Prairie Warbler Mead Garden
10-APR-19 Common Yellowthroat Gemini Springs
09-APR-19 Snowy Egret Gemini Springs
08-APR-19 Northern Cardinal home
07-APR-19 Red-shouldered Hawk Disney World
06-APR-19 Chuck-will’s-widow Disney World
05-APR-19 Boat-tailed Grackle Disney World
04-APR-19 Black-and-white Warbler Mead Garden
03-APR-19 Sora Gemini Springs
02-APR-19 Red-eyed Vireo Central Park Ormond Beach
01-APR-19 Great Crested Flycatcher home
31-MAR-19 Purple Martin Disney World
30-MAR-19 American Wigeon Merritt Island NWR
29-MAR-19 Green Heron Gemini Springs
28-MAR-19 Northern Waterthrush Mead Garden
27-MAR-19 Mourning Dove home
26-MAR-19 Common Gallinule Gemini Springs
25-MAR-19 Ruby-throated Hummingbird home
24-MAR-19 Red-headed Woodpecker Quail Lakes Powerline Trails
23-MAR-19 American Coot Gemini Springs
22-MAR-19 House Wren Lyonia Preserve
21-MAR-19 Greater Yellowlegs Parkview Town Center
20-MAR-19 Wilson’s Snipe Parkview Town Center
19-MAR-19 Swamp Sparrow Gemini Springs
18-MAR-19 Loggerhead Shrike Deltona
17-MAR-19 Fish Crow Deltona Landings
16-MAR-19 Black-bellied Whistling-Duck home
15-MAR-19 Yellow-throated Vireo Gemini Springs
14-MAR-19 Swallow-tailed Kite Lake Mary
13-MAR-19 Tricolored Heron Gemini Springs
12-MAR-19 Wild Turkey home
11-MAR-19 Ovenbird Gemini Springs
10-MAR-19 House Sparrow Deltona Landings
09-MAR-19 Purple Gallinule Emeralda Marsh Wildlife Drive
08-MAR-19 Wood Duck Audubon Park
07-MAR-19 Downy Woodpecker Audubon Center for BOP
06-MAR-19 White Ibis Blue Spring State Park
05-MAR-19 Chipping Sparrow Gemini Springs
04-MAR-19 Sharp-shinned Hawk Gemini Springs
03-MAR-19 Marsh Wren Lake Woodruff NWR
02-MAR-19 Sanderling Lighthouse Point Park
01-MAR-19 White-eyed Vireo home
28-FEB-19 Red-winged Blackbird Audubon Center for BOP
27-FEB-19 Limpkin Blue Spring State Park
26-FEB-19 Northern Parula home
25-FEB-19 Great Blue Heron Lake Monroe Park
24-FEB-19 Pied-billed Grebe Disney World
23-FEB-19 Great Egret Disney World
22-FEB-19 Bald Eagle Gemini Springs
21-FEB-19 Pine Warbler Audubon Center for BOP
20-FEB-19 Roseate Spoonbill Gemini Springs
19-FEB-19 Belted Kingfisher Gemini Springs
18-FEB-19 Cattle Egret DeBary
17-FEB-19 Muscovy Duck DeBary
16-FEB-19 Mallard Altamonte Springs
15-FEB-19 Double-crested Cormorant Lake Mary
14-FEB-19 American Crow home
13-FEB-19 American Goldfinch Gemini Springs
12-FEB-19 Black Vulture home
11-FEB-19 Barred Owl home
10-FEB-19 Great Black-backed Gull Frank Rendon Park
09-FEB-19 Dunlin Washington Oaks SP
08-FEB-19 Painted Bunting home
07-FEB-19 Brown Thrasher Audubon Center for BOP
06-FEB-19 Blue-winged Teal Gemini Springs
05-FEB-19 Gray Catbird home
04-FEB-19 American Robin home
03-FEB-19 Hooded Merganser Lake Forest, Seminole Co.
02-FEB-19 Red-breasted Merganser Port Orange Causeway Park
01-FEB-19 Common Grackle home
31-JAN-19 Northern Harrier Gemini Springs
30-JAN-19 Sandhill Crane home
29-JAN-19 Cedar Waxwing home
28-JAN-19 Forster’s Tern Gemini Springs
27-JAN-19 Palm Warbler Altamonte Mall parking lot
26-JAN-19 Lesser Black-backed Gull Frank Rendon Park
25-JAN-19 Tree Swallow Lake Monroe Park
24-JAN-19 American White Pelican Gaston Edwards Park
23-JAN-19 Ruby-crowned Kinglet Bill Keller Park
22-JAN-19 Orange-crowned Warbler Gemini Springs
21-JAN-19 Yellow-rumped Warbler Lake Monroe Boat Ramp
20-JAN-19 Long-billed Dowitcher Riverbreeze Park
19-JAN-19 Ring-necked Duck Seminole Towne Center Pond
18-JAN-19 Crested Caracara Douglas Stenstrom Bridge
17-JAN-19 Northern Shoveler Seminole Towne Center Pond
16-JAN-19 Snail Kite Douglas Stenstrom Bridge
15-JAN-19 Ring-billed Gull Lake Monroe Park
14-JAN-19 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Gemini Springs
13-JAN-19 Blue-headed Vireo Gemini Springs
12-JAN-19 Red Knot Weeks North Shore Park
11-JAN-19 Glossy Ibis Gemini Springs
10-JAN-19 Wood Stork Gemini Springs
09-JAN-19 Eastern Phoebe home
08-JAN-19 Anhinga Orlando Int’l Airport
07-JAN-19 Common Wood Pigeon Roosendaal, the Netherlands
06-JAN-19 Goldcrest Roosendaal, the Netherlands
05-JAN-19 Blue Tit Roosendaal, the Netherlands
04-JAN-19 Barnacle Goose de Prunjehil, the Netherlands
03-JAN-19 Eurasian Coot Amsterdam, the Netherlands
02-JAN-19 Common Kingfisher Roosendaal, the Netherlands
01-JAN-19 Eurasian Moorhen Serris, France
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