Green Birding in Southwest Volusia County, November 2015

Note: this post is back-dated.

In November I recorded 69 species over 6 checklists for my green birding list. Last year just birding Gemini Springs I had 67 species in 7 trips. There were no new year birds for the green list during the month. Here are some photographic highlights from my green birding trips in November 2015:

Eastern Phoebe
Eastern Phoebe at Gemini Springs | 09 NOV 2015

Walking back into the park from the bike path on November 9th, I caught site of a huge snakeskin hanging from a large oak tree. I took a few photos but nothing shows the scale of this thing — I guess it was two inches wide and maybe five feet long. And it was at least 30 feet up in the tree! What kind of big monster snake left this thing?!

Unidentified snakeskin at Gemini Springs | 09 NOV 2015

Palm Warbler
Palm Warbler at Gemini Springs | 23 NOV 2015

On November 23rd I was really surprised to see a pair of Bald Eagles perched on power structure near a well-used Osprey nest. I’m not sure if this is the Gemini Springs pair or other birds.

Bald Eagles
Bald Eagles outside of Gemini Springs | 23 NOV 2015

White Ibises
White Ibises at Gemini Springs | 30 NOV 2015

Northern Cardinal
Northern Cardinal at Gemini Springs | 30 NOV 2015

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One Response to Green Birding in Southwest Volusia County, November 2015

  1. So good to see a new entry in your blog! I’ve missed seeing your updates, photos, sightings, and observations.
    Favorite today: the Bald Eagle pair on the tower. Wow, what a camera! What a great shot to get!

    I was in Daytona Beach Dec 24 – 29 (driving on the 23 and 30) but I did not contact this time around to get together for birding. I figured you would be very very busy (or traveling)… Plus, I wasn’t sure how much I could get away, since my main purpose was to see my mom and dad and aunt for the holidays.
    I managed to get to Lake Apopka wildlife drive on Lust Road. That was my third time there (open only Fri-Sat-Sun) and as usual I had a great time. But I would have LOVED to have company in the car to help me spot the birds! I missed the Purple Swamphen and the Brown Booby (someone saw both an hour later…. )
    I got to Lake Woodruff’s NWR impoundments on 12/28 and in 4 hours I saw over 60 bird species…! Mostly landbirds, as there were almost no waterbirds (no ducks, sadly). If you look on the ebird you will see my checklist under that hotspot. The Bald Eagle was on the nest, but perched, didn’t look like it was sitting on eggs. You can see the nest from the Myacca area of Woodruff; from the Myacca parking lot, walk over to the bench near the start of the trail and look in the distance at the pine trees (away from the lot).
    I also took a day trip to Viera Wetlands and MINWR Blackpoint Wildlife Drive.
    SO, next time I am in town I will contact you EARLY and see if you have any time. You can ride shotgun, so it’s still “Green birding”, since you are helping me carpool. Ha ha!

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