My visitors came from *where* in August 2013?!?!

Notes from August’s stat logs…

Captain Obvious question of the month: are there any owls in gemini springs? Answer: There are many Barred Owls. Great Horned is very likely and Eastern Screech is possible, too.

Oddly specific question of the month: Many birds start planning their winter migration in August, but what exactly is migration?. Answer: Cornell’s All About Birds is a good place to start

Birding lingo question of the month: rcwo is the acronym for red cockaded woodpecker? Answer: for bird banders, yes, RCWO is the code used for Red-cockaded Woodpecker.

My least favorite searches of the month: kestrel trap (don’t do that) and how to feed a baby florida scrub jay (if you’re not a licensed rehabber REALLY DON’T DO THAT).

Backyard inquiry of the month: cooper’s hawk landed in our yard what to do ? Answer: sit back and watch! You may be about to have a Wild Kingdom moment in your back yard!

Finally, the spelling oopsies of the month: audibon park; western tanninger; baby pelacan bird; and opposite of palegic (littoral? terrestrial?).

Happy September! Here come the migrants!

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