My visitors came from *where* in December?!

Here are some of the more interesting search terms that brought visitors to this site during December. You can see previous editions of this monthly post here. I started this monthly round-up post last year, and with this 12th entry I’m retiring the series.

For a change there weren’t too many funny or weird typos or misspellings. I only found two: is the frigate bird endaged and fummy google autocompletes (gosh, the Firefox spellchecker doesn’t like any of those last three words).

The blog ranks fairly high for the topic “google autocomplete” on a variety of searches. A couple of odd ones last month were crazy google autofill about pterodactyl and dirty google autocomplete.

My favorite search of the month was for mini kingfishers. Second favorite goes to ancient murrelet illinois. On that last one — maybe if we’re super lucky.

Odd merch searches included whimsical bird feeders made in texas; unisex boxer shorts; the curse of the squirrel book; birds (ornamental); and stocking paradise nylon.

Queries that weren’t answered here (sorry, blog visitor): mchenry birder wanting to bird with others; are there any laws to protect the red-shouldered hawk; how people harm the frigate bird; what the state bird of washington looks like (here ya go); are there bald eagles in the netherlands and holland (not in the wild); strange bird behavior december 14, 2009 (specific & spooky!).

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