My visitors came from *where* in November 2013?!?!

November was cloudy and drab here in Florida. Even my blog stats weren’t all that interesting. Sigh. Here are some statcounter finds from the month that was.

I love it when searches like gemini springs birding debary and bird watching gemini springs debary bring people here. I just hope they bring birders to the park itself! Gemini Springs is an eBird hotspot so a good place to look for information on birdlife in the park would be the eBird Hotspot Details.

Speaking of Gemini Springs, the search gemni springs alligator attack got my heart racing just a little bit. However, my own search revealed nothing of note.

The search my dog catches birds translate in mandarin is somewhat distubring, and it seems strange they’d end up on my blog rather than here.

I hope the person searching for songbird that act like bird of prey found their quarry, likely the “butcherbird” or species of shrike.

Finally, here’s one silly spelling “variation” that made me giggle this month: when do balled eagles migrate to Starved Rock, IL.

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