My Visitors came from *where* in November?!

Here are some of the more interesting search terms that brought visitors to this site during November. You can see previous editions of this monthly post here.

As usual, there were a few cringe-worthy typos or misspellings that made me chuckle: sawet owls; squrrile feeders; anartica bird; […] forest in illinoise; cominly found birds of illinois; and ny pidgeons t-shirts.

And the regular collection of funny or unusual product searches were present too: t-shirt there real & there magnificent (not really a birder shirt idea!); owl thong; duck boxers and birder boxers. Actually already gotcha covered on those last ones.

There were a few “magnificent” searches, like high magnificient binocular; magnificent mealworms; and great magnificent frigatebird difference. There were a few “frigate bird” searches last month, too: where can i buy a stuffed frigate bird (oh noes! hope they mean a toy!); advantage for frigate bird; and turkey vulture or frigate bird? (that’s easy).

Questions of the month: are vultures aggressive to humans? (dead ones, I suppose?); should chickadees and wrens houses be multilevel; and can birds interbreed.

My favorite search of the month was the bird that was always right, which really has me curious. I am not sure what the searcher had in mind. They landed on The Bird is Right.

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