My visitors came from *where* in September?!

Here are some of the more interesting search terms that brought visitors to this site during September. You can see previous editions of this monthly post here.

There were lots of unusual searches for t-shirts & tops last month: 3 ad bird t shirt; spoon hoodie; hard core tank top; i live in oklahoma t-shirt; you hoodie; identify bird silhouettes t-shirt; spoon shirt beefy; and proud hawaiian tank tops. I don’t know what some of these mean, but these type of searches are often a good source of inspiration for designing new t-shirts for birdwatchers.

A few other apparel searches came up: owl sweatpants and womens panties penguin. Happily, one of those is already available in my shop.

At first I thought the search for hat bird house was another apparel search, but the person was probably actually looking for this funny novelty bird house.

Another oddball product search was child mountable binoculars. It would be handy to bring a young sherpa with you when birding, I guess.

I always find a lot of searches for terms related to Magnificent Frigatebird, but the term magnificent frigid bird was a first last month.

My favorite questions for last month were what birds hang upside down to feed? and what’s the difference between hummingbirds and penguins and how to carry a bird id guidebook? I really like that last question because I’m going to post a review of my birding bag very soon, so stay tuned dear searcher!

My old friend foto butts made another appearance. *sniff*

And finally someone searched for stuffed barred owl toy, which does not seem to exist anywhere. That’s too bad; the Barred Owl is my favorite owl and I think it would make a great stuffed animal. Have you ever seen a Barred Owl toy?

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