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Florida Man’s Uplifting White ‘Doves’

Don Brumfield, a retired Walt Disney World security manager, has been raising homing pigeons since he was 13 years old. Today, he brings his pigeons, which resemble white doves, to events such as weddings, parties and even funerals to be used as part of the ceremonies. Read Martin E. Comas’ story Bird man of Sorrento part of national trend in the Orlando Sentinel.

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The Bald Eagles Of Homer, Alaska

Last month the city council of Homer, Alaska voted to ban a bald eagle feeding program after nearly thirty years. The ban goes into effect on June 1.

The eagles are a chronic problem for the town. The large predators sometimes attack each other over food, and have been accused of stealing small pets from back yards. Some have collided with traffic.

Homer’s “Eagle Lady”, Jean Keene, will be exempt from the ban until 2010. She has been feeding the eagles raw fish every winter for the last 25 years. Back then, five birds would visit. Today, an average of 150 birds come for the feast.

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Pelican Island Wildlife Festival, Florida

This Saturday, March 11, the 14th edition of the Pelican Island Wildlife Festival will take place at Riverview Park in Sebastian, Florida. The festival celebrates the 103nd anniversary of Pelican Island and the National Wildlife Refuge System.

Events at the festival will include:

+ Live wildlife shows
+ 5K run
+ Boat tours of Pelican Island
+ Live music
+ And much more

Sixteen different species of birds breed on Pelican Island. In total thrity species use the island for feeding, roosting or nesting.

Visit the offical website of the festival for more information.

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Pigeons As Bomb Guidance Systems?

During World War II, the U.S. Air Force developed a new type of bomb – a glide bomb. Instead of falling straight on a target, it would instead float at an angle towards its target, guided by a variety of tools. Behaviorist Burrhus Frederic Skinner thought of a brilliant new way to guide these missiles during World War II using pigeons.
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Rare Kiwi Bird Hatches At U.S. National Zoo

A North Island brown kiwi — an endangered bird — hatched at the zoo on Feb. 13 and was the second kiwi to hatch in the zoo’s 116-year history, zoo officials said. The National Zoo is one of just four zoos in the world to breed the flightless, nocturnal, burrowing birds outside of New Zealand.
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WIngs: Tips For Preventing Bird Window Collisions

The Wisconsin Humane Society has recently launched the campaign WIngs: Wisconsin Night Guardians for Songbirds. The campaign focuses on the prevention of bird window collisions.

Birds may be confused by reflected landscapes in windows and crash into them. They might also see through a building’s windows on both sides and think they can fly through as if going through a tunnel. Night-migrating birds also may be confused by brightly lit buildings and fly towards them or around them until they become exhausted.

Here are some tips on how to prevent needless bird injuries and deaths from window collisions.

1. Close curtains to prevent the tunnel effect.
2. Apply window clings or ribbons to windows.
3. Install bird feeders very close or very far from windows.

There are more practical tips to be found on the WIngs website.

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Burrowing Owl Festival, Cape Coral Florida

The fourth annual Burrowing Owl Festival will take place in Cape Coral, Florida this Saturday, February 18.

Cape Coral is the home to Florida’s largest population of Burrowing Owls. The birds, among the smallest of owls, grow to approximately 9 inches in height. They make their homes in new or existing burrows in the ground. They are active in daylight and during the night.

The nesting season for the owls starts in mid-February and lasts until July. Since the birds live on and under the ground, domestic cats and dogs, as well as foxes, pose a threat.

The birds are protected by Florida state law and a permit is required if construction is to destroy an empty owl nest. Cape Coral has a “Starter Burrow” program to help residents who want to attract the birds to their property.

Events planned for this year’s festival include educational programs with live owls; workshops on digging starter burrows; nature walks; and an appearance by mascot Bob the Burrowing Owl. The event takes place at Rotary Park and admission is just $1 for visitors over 12; children are free. For more information see the website of the Cape Coral Friends of Wildlife.

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